With funding from the PTFA, Antingham and Southrepps Primary School has set up a small scale orienteering course, including The Meadow, School Common and Jubilee Boardwalk. It has 26 markers, each with a letter and number or symbol.

A number of resources have been developed to assist anyone wishing to use the course. These can be downloaded from here. Each will open in a new window.

For a;

General explanation of the course and locations of the marker posts click here

Blank map click here

Map showing letters on marker posts click here

Map showing numbers on marker posts click here

Birds exercise click here

Flora and fauna exercise 1 click here

Flora and fauna exercise 2 click here

A full set of guidelines, hard copies of maps and problems can be borrowed from the school. All questions concerning the course should be either directed to the School itself, or Mr Ashley Hale, who has designed the course. He can be contacted by email (ashley_hale@yahoo.com)