Plant of the Month - October

Each month we feature a picture of a plant growing on The Commons. All plants featured have been photographed here. This month, we are featuring the fern.

Ferns are unpretentious plants, often hiding away in damp shady corners in woods and hedgerows and on the north side of walls. In a botanical epic they would be the extras. But although superficially alike, when examined more closely they have distinct forms and characters.

We have at least six fern species on the commons. The elegant Lady fern shown in the photograph, the immaculate Male fern, dashing Broad Buckler fern and a bit of a plodder called Common Polypody. Harts tongue speaks for itself. There has to be a bad guy and that is Bracken. Being invasive it is a threat to our flowering gems and definitely not welcome here!

There have been sightings in the past of a rare and peculiar little fern called Adders Tongue. We will be looking out for that one next Spring.

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