Working Party Thanks

Hello All

I have some news which I hope is worth a good bit more than just a pinch of salt; worth crossing your fingers and everything else for!

But first a big thank you to yesterday's crew who shifted prodigious quantities of reed and got me very dirty in the process.  You are just lucky I don't take these things to heart.  Kirsty, our Norfolk Wildlife Trust Warden Designate, visited this morning and was mightily impressed with what has been achieved so far this season.  So you can feel proud.

Yes I did say NWT Warden.  Some of you have met Kirsty already and we should be seeing a lot more of her.  The mood music from solicitors on both sides is sufficiently promising to arrange the long-awaited and much talked-about meeting between NWT and the whole volunteer group, i.e. all of you.  This is so that you can put questions directly to NWT senior management, and  tell them how you would like things to be. (I'm only talking about Southrepps Common!)  We are aiming for an evening in early November  in the village hall when I sincerely  hope for a good turn-out.  Look out for more information the moment it is available.  

The next full session is in two weeks time, Sunday 21st October, meeting at 9:30am.  (The 10 o'clock starts come in on 4th November, after the clocks go back.)  I hope you will welcome our newest recruit, thirteen year old Harry who is going to do the volunteering part of his DoE Award with us.  

Finally, Margaret is asking for help this Thursday at 10:00am in the old Himalayan Balsam area where a few renegade seedlings have been spotted.  It's not a lot and they are small, but it would seem a shame to ignore them and risk spoiling all the hard work from earlier in the year. Margaret's team, you know who you are, rally to the call!

Thanks and regards

8th October 2018