Each month throughout 2016 - 2018 we featured a picture of a species of plant or animal that can be found on The Commons. Where possible, all species featured were photographed here. These are the species featured in 2018.


Click here for the featured January species - the Hazel 

Click here for the featured February species - the Kestrel

Click here for the featured March species - the Lesser Celandine

Click here for the featured April species - the Goat Willow

Click here for the featured May species - the Bogbean

Click here for the featured June species - the Chiffchaff

Click here for the featured July species - Goatsbeard

Click here for the featured August species - Grass-of-Parnassus

Click here for the featured September species - Butterflies

Click here for the featured October species - Bats

Click here for the featured November species - Blushing Bracket Fungus

Click here for the featured December species - Black Bryony