Species of the Month - September 2018

Each month we feature a picture of a species to be found on The Commons. Wherever possible, all species featured have been photographed here. This month, rather than focussing on a single species, we are featuring some of the butterflies that can often be found here at this time of year.

The most visible ones are likely to be the Whites: Large, Small and Green-Veined. Large numbers of them arrived in the country during the hot summer weather, probably having flown across the North Sea. Also still in evidence should be Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, and although it is towards the end of its flying period, Gatekeeper.

Other species likely to be around are Comma; Peacock; Small Tortoiseshell (top picture) and Red Admiral. We have occasionally been favoured by visits of Small Copper (bottom picture) and Painted Lady: the latter is another butterfly that can sometimes arrive from across the sea in large numbers. Although not technically a butterfly, the Six-Spot Burnet moth flies very actively during the day, and can often be seen in the grassy section of The Common between the bridge over Fox’s Beck and Warren Road.

This area is the best part of Southrepps Commons for spotting butterflies, but many can also be seen from any part of the boardwalk. Not surprisingly, the wooded areas are particularly likely to harbour many Speckled Wood specimens.

Our website has pictures of all the species mentioned above, and more that occur earlier in the year.

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