Since the first survey in 1886, 396 plant species have been identified on the Commons. Most are still present and regular surveys are carried out to inform our management of the area. Some  are particularly uncommon here, and despite thorough searches heather, adders tongue and tubular water dropwort were not found in the surveys of 2017. Grass of Parnassus, fragrant orchid and marsh helleborine can be seen close to the edges of the boardwalk, whilst open reed beds thrive on the eastern part. By contrast, you will have to look closely in damp places for the elusive bogbean (pictured right) or marsh marigold; or, indeed, some of the smaller orchid species which are also present.

Click here for lists of the plants found on the Commons, in both common and Latin name order. Click on the links within those lists for pictures and information about each plant.

We have also compiled some bimonthly lists of when we have seen plants in flower on the Commons. Click here for lists of plants in flower throughout the year.

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Click here for pictures of plants taken on the Commons.