Plant of the Month - December

Each month we feature a picture of a plant growing on The Commons. All plants featured have been photographed here. This month, we are featuring the Bulrush.

Bulrushes thrive in the muddy margins of ponds, lakes and ditches. The tiny flowers are grouped in separate male and female spikes with the female being the familiar brown cigar that eventually bursts with the cottony seeds disbursed by the wind.

It has been used in herbal medicine and is edible. Practical uses included as a thatch and, being flammable, as a fire lighter. Rushlights were made by soaking the stem in oil or fat and lighting the taper. They were so common that holders were made specially for them.

This atmospheric scene was captured by one of our volunteers on Scouts’ Pond next to the Jubilee Boardwalk. Bulrushes also grow on The Common and on Pit Common.

More pictures and information can be found on the UK wildflowers website.

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