Species of the Month - January 2017

Each month we feature a picture of a species to be found on The Commons. Wherever possible, all species featured have been photographed here. This month, we are featuring the Siskin.

Siskins breed in coniferous and mixed forests but only visit here for a few months during the winter, when flocks descend on alder and birch trees to feed. The best places to find them on The Commons are in the tops of alder trees at the bridge over Fox’s Beck in the middle of the Common, or towards Lower Street on the Jubilee Boardwalk. They are restless birds, frequently calling out, which is a good way of spotting that they are up there.

Wherever possible we use pictures actually taken on The Commons, but in this case we have so far not been successful. The male bird in this picture was snapped in a garden in Southrepps: siskins have become frequent beneficiaries of the increase of households feeding wild birds, and being so acrobatic are very entertaining.

 More pictures and information can be found on the RSPB and the BTO websites.

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