Plant of the Month - June

Each month we feature a picture of a plant growing on The Commons. All plants featured have been photographed here. This month, we are featuring the Meadow thistle.

Thistles are generally prickly and often turn up in masses where they are not welcome; the starlings of the plant world perhaps? Not so the elegant meadow thistle. It has no spines and unusually for a thistle it has a single stem. It can easily be confused with its meadow neighbour, knapweed.

Meadow thistle thrives in the damp fen conditions on the Warren Road side of the Common. This is all the more welcome as it is in steady decline in the U.K generally as its habitat disappears. This is recognized by its inclusion in the SSSI listing for the site. It is much visited by bees and other insects and in a meadow awash with colour is one of the elements of “summer in the mind”

More pictures and information can be found on the UK wildflowers website.

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