Southrepps Commons Management Committee 1990-2005

During these years the Commons Management Committee maintained the Common with help and advice from Norfolk County Council and English Nature. The boardwalk was extended in 1997 to have a link to Bradfield Road. In 2002 a new Jubilee boardwalk was built through the wet carr from Lower Street to the car park at the school, making a safer and more interesting route for pedestrians.

Cutting on the Commons was initially done using an old Allen Scythe, with volunteers dragging tarpaulins to remove the cut reeds, and on occasion by contractors. There were growing concerns about the times that the contractors were cutting as it was not always at the optimum time for the flowers to set their seeds. It was also a costly business.

A decision was taken to restructure the organisation in order to gain access to charitable funds and technical advice and support, and on 4 th April 2005 Southrepps Commons Trust came into being as a Registered Charity (no. 1108814)