Woman Power

Well our usual blogger was not available today: was this a deliberate ploy to avoid having to write about the sterling efforts of the Women!? For the first time in the history of the Trust the women outnumbered the men at today’s working party. Despite the cold and wet we still managed to continue to clear the reed bed. If we took small steps we stayed upright, and then before coffee John and the Fantastic Five cleared the entrance way in from Bradfield Road, ensuring a superb show of spring bulbs will be visible next year.

No pictures available as we were all too hard at work and hands too wet and cold to operate a camera.

We were all much revived by Rita’s excellent apple cake as we sheltered in our new store before dripping our way home. Julie amazingly was happy cycling back up to Upper Street; well she couldn’t get any wetter!

For some amazing reason we still enjoyed it all: perhaps like banging your head against a brick wall it’s good when it stops. But the end result certainly makes it all worthwhile.

(So as not to forget them, the men worked the machinery and chopped down trees.)

 Here is Chairman John's message of thanks:

Hello All

After writing this great big thank you for this morning, I'm going to write a "stop-press" to The Mardler  just to acknowledge your exceptional dedication and spirit which should not pass unrecognised.  I know I've said it before but a great many residents and visitors alike gain much pleasure from the little bit of land we call Southrepps Common and it takes a big sustained effort in filthy conditions like we had today to make sure the place delivers for everybody, all the time.  Couple that with the knowledge that you alone are maintaining a place which is rich in rare plants that the botanists get excited about, and this morning's discomfort becomes a minor matter.

I hope you have settled to a warm, dry and relaxing rest of the day and that you can make the next session which is two weeks from now, 20th November.

Kind regards