Undaunted by broken Grizzly

A good turnout again, with reasonable weather after a dreary start. Grizzly proved uncooperative despite having performed adequately on the precut yesterday (this photo shows it moping on the Naughty Boardwalk, having been banished there after refusing to steer - for a time it would only go round in a tight left-hand circle when in forward gear, but did condescend to steer when driven backwards. That made an interesting exercise reversing over Fox's Beck bridge). [Does the fact it is moping make it a moped? Ed]


We completed area G and moved on to area B. With Grizzly out of action, Steve Lane valiantly stepped in and loaned us his brush cutter so we were able to clear a route through to the dump site at the north of the area, and the rotting Michaelmas Daisy heaps were cleared, together with some newly-cut vegetation.


Meanwhile around 50 alder saplings were removed from further south of area B using the Tree Popper. Two people started the work, and it moved up to five at the end.


There is quite a bit of carrying cut trees away, cutting through roots and knocking off excess soil. There are also plenty of holes left for the Blogger-in-Chief to fall into next session. This one required careful looking into.


All participants seemed to approve of the new device, and productivity picked up as they got the hang of it. Never fear, there are still a lot of saplings to be dealt with on future working parties.

Here is Chairman John's message of thanks:

Hello All

What an impressive team we make.  Despite any number of difficulties and mishaps we still pull the cat out of the bag so thank you for being adaptable and still pitching in with gusto this morning.  

Next session is in two weeks time, 22nd January when we shall continue with the top Warren Road area.  That is where we shall be for the rest of the season.  I am glad we have well and truly christened the Tree-popper, and discovered that it requires a team of about seven!  Actually it would be good to spend an hour "Popping" before the working party on 22nd as it would keep us ahead of the mowing.  We want to avoid cuttingoff the alders at ground level as they only self-coppice and come back stronger with multiple stems.  If anybody is up for it please let me know.

Otherwise, thanks again for another great effort.  The placer is looking good.

Kind regards