Summer housekeeping

Although much of our work on the Commons takes place during the dank winter months, summer gives us the opportunity to sort out our equipment and carry out maintenance so that everything is in good fettle for the next season.

One annual task is overhauling the drag sheets, rope and winch, all of which have become essential for us to work efficiently. The sheets have to be cleaned of debris and checked for tears and failed stitching while the ropes require pressure washing to get the dirt and grit out of the fibres. Without this the ropes become stiff and wear more rapidly. A mid-season failure in any of these would severely affect our winter programme.

The current hot weather makes the cleaning and drying  a much easier task, and is a great excuse for playing with the pressure washer, as demonstrated by our Chairman in this photograph.


Smaller tasks like drying and matching up the gloves (I didn’t realise we had so many one-handed volunteers!) and disinfecting the whistles and lanyards all take time and effort. A sound investment for the coming season.