SCT versus Himalayan Balsalm Round 3!

Six more fearless folk took the fight to the enemy again. It was a beautiful late spring morning.  This was our third foray against the Himalayan Balsam and even where we had cleared before, the wee blighters had popped back up. They were in under the trees, in the ditches, in the sun, and worst of all in the nettles. Unbelievably, this happy trio are knee deep in nettles and needing elbow length gloves to protect their wrists.

 MD 1.jpg

In amongst it all yet another plant was discovered for our plant list; a garden escapee - some gorgeous purple alliums. We also found some twayblades , one of the seven types of orchid that we have, hiding under the trees.

We were going to continue pulling the Balsam on another location on Thursday but as it is in a part that is rarely entered into it would be very disruptive to nesting birds so once the bird experts give the okay and before the plants flower (yes we are such experts now we don’t need their flashy pink flowers to find them), we will go into battle again before the final push against the plants near the car park, where we need them in flower so that we can find them lurking in the reeds.

That’s 36 people hours so far and here is today’s haul. I think they are trying to pretend the bags are heavy or else they can’t straighten up yet!

MD 2.jpg