SCT versus Himalayan Balsalm Round 2!

Six hardy volunteers once again attempted to reduce the spread of this invasive species. In just one week the reed and nettles had grown making it harder to spot the smaller plants hidden in amongst them. More frightening was the speed at which some of the Himalayan Balsam was growing especially towards the back of the site! It is certainly a species that has nailed the art of self propagation. 


Last week we had one gentleman amongst our party of ladies, today he was replaced with another braving the task. He proudly announced he was here to join the ‘bag ladies’!


So, bags in hand we set to the task. With aching backs and nettle stings in inappropriate places, from crouching down in the undergrowth, we filled another six bags. Unfortunately there is at probably at least as much again to remove at the next session! This task could take some time!