Oh wasp, where is thy sting?

Your usual correspondent being absent, Julie kindly opted to be photographer and blogger for the day.

With 15 volunteers there on a Bank Holiday weekend, it was a better turn out than expected. We started on the central area, finishing off what we were doing last time. 

We whizzed through that with great efficiency before breaking for our tea/coffee break ...at which point several walkers commented on our 'people at work' signs while the said people were supping tea! "Typical British workers" I think was one jovial comment - we did offer a pitchfork but they declined!

It was then a shift across to the other side of the boardwalk with John D setting off with Grizzly to clear the first swathe.

260818 Mowing.JPG

As seems usual lately, he found a wasps nest, but did not seem to have been attacked too badly. It was well marked out,

260818 warning.JPG

but the last load was very carefully and quietly guided past!

260818 dragging.JPG

Margaret was hand weeding reed out of the flower filled area to enable it to flourish for a little longer for us all to enjoy.

260818 weeding.JPG

This is why...

260818 GOP.JPG

260818 flowers.JPG

260818 more flowers.JPG

Here is Chairman John's message of thanks:

Hello All

It just gets better and better the way we perform as a team.Thanks one and all for this morning's effort.  I shall be writing to Kirsty, our NWT Warden  Designate, to sing the praises of the wonderful display of late summer flowers which our careful cutting has brought about.  If we followed Natural England's dictum to the letter all the Grass of Parnassus, Devil's Bit Scabious, Yellow Rattle, Birdsfoot Trefoil, Eyebright, etc. would have gone under the knife.  Clearly, Margaret's bespoke reed-cutting technique is not really practical over too large an area, but she's shown what can be done and if you fancy a go I know she would welcome the help. 

The next session will be on Sunday 9th September, meeting at 09:30 when we shall aim to finish the semicircular piece we started today.  Thank you again on behalf of Southrepps residents and visitors alike.

Kind regards