New team leader bashes scrub

Julie, one of our new team leaders, took charge of her first working party, to continue the work of the main session the previous Sunday, cutting back scrub that was encroaching too much, particularly where it was overhanging the boardwalk. Here is her account:

A small party of seven tackled the final tree and shrub clearance in Area A today, finishing the work done in the last two full working parties. It involved sawing through a fairly hefty tree that had fallen to the ground. 


Our young Duke of Edinburgh award participant did very well cutting through the main trunk with a bow saw. 


What we didn’t photograph was the point when we nearly lost our youngest member of the team in the mud - he was about an inch from the top of his wellies when he was hauled out - you had to keep moving on the mud area in the middle of the work area or you sunk! The challenges of the Common! 

Anyway the area looked wonderfully clear and tidy when we had finished. 


We look forward to seeing what grows in the cleared area and how many residents we get in our log pile and branch ‘hedge’. 

We were a proud team! 


Half of the team then did a little more work clearing overhanging branches on the boardwalk adjacent to Lower Street.  Whilst we were doing this a party of walkers came through and were very complimentary about the Common and asked me to thank everyone who works to keep it clear and tidy. Appreciative users of our special place.