Lots done on hottest day of the year so far

Our working party season started earlier this year, with a session called for 17th July, to scythe the vegetion hanging over the boardwalk edge and clear the resulting cuttings; to cut an outbreak of bracken at the suggestion of Natural England; and to carry out our annual cull of the perniciously invasive alien plant, Himalayan Balsam.

All was achieved in the allotted two hours, but we got jolly hot doing it. A lot more Balsam was found than expected, but our intrepid colunteers did a great job of eradicating it. Inevitably there was competition to see who could pull up the tallest plant. Here are Cornel and Suki with their impressive prize candidates.



Naturally, we didn't let the work completely deflect us from our wildlife recording. Suki was delighted to find the first recorded instance of Solomon's Seal on The Common


and I found a small skipper butterfly, as well as hearing a reed bunting singing on the main reedbed (something I haven't heard for a couple of weeks).

Oh, and the stinging nettles are stinging well.

Here is Chairman John's message of thanks:

Hello All

A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all who helped yesterday morning.  I confess the session didn't quite go as planned because there was so much more of the Himalayan Balsam than we realised, which is typical having trumpeted our success with the stuff.  Never mind, the intrepid adventurers who penetrated the jungle did sterling work from which not only Southrepps Common will benefit but also the whole watershed  downstream from Fox's Beck, the R.Ant, the Broads, out to sea and the whole world, all benefiting from what you did yesterday morning.  Hurrah!

Your next chance to do your bit for the environment will be Sunday 7th August when we can all work together on eradicating the Michaelmas Daisy menace.  

Thank you and kind regards