Just a trim please

As is its wont, the vegetation on The Common has been growing hard during the summer. A couple of small-scale tidy-up sessions had already been held to keep its worst excesses at bay along sections of the edge of the boardwalk, but eventually it become necessary to call a full-scale working party on 16th August. A magnificent turnout of 18 volunteers arrived in lovely sunshine: warm, but not oppressively hot. The edges of the boardwalk were scythed, overhanging branches were lopped, and all was neatly cleared away. A log protecting the bank at the bridge over the Beck was put back in its rightful place; let's hope it is left there to do its job.

It was good to see the Grass of Parnassus in flower already, and equally nice to hear a green woodpecker call.

Everyone seemed to have a good time, enjoying catching up with each other's news at the obligatory drinks break.


Here's what Chairman John had to say:

Hello All
To those kind and committed souls who may be wondering if Sunday's effort has been recognised, let alone appreciated, you may bask in glorious satisfaction, safe in the knowledge of a job well done.  I know it was a lovely summer morning but that doesn't diminish your willingness to support the cause, and I expect you realised I was somewhat taken aback by such a strong turn-out.  The boardwalk and the views from it are what we get judged on principally, and you have restored its appearance to something of which we can justifiably be proud.  The many users, both Southrepps residents and visitors, have reason to be grateful, and I endorse their gratitude. The next working party will be early September or even bank holiday, and will be decided upon soon and extra to the published dates.  This is in order to cut an experimental strip in the central area on scientific advice, to try and control the unprecedented spread of reeds which threatens to overwhelm smaller, more delicate  species. Thanks again for your help Kind regards from John