First full working party of the new cutting season

Our first scheduled working party of the cutting programme for the year took place a week later than originally planned, on 11th October. This may have accounted for the unusually small number of volunteers attending; 9, compared to 14 for the first session last year. We were pleased to be visited by Suki Pryce from the Norfolk Flora Group, who was keen to take a look at our site. She was good enough to help with the work, so we hope to see her again! The weather was lovely; warmer than forecast, and no risk of rain. Indeed, the ground we were working on (half of the Warren Road section) was very dry, so the vegetation was nice and light. Nevertheless, we were glad of our mid-session break:


It was great to be able to use our lovely cart again - even if yours truly did manage to damage it! Never mind; the Chairman likes mending things...

The cart comes into its own on dry ground like this, being able to hold twice as much as a drag sheet. Those loading it in a section where hemp agrimony grows were treated to a seed snowstorm:null

As usual, the winch made it all (relatively) light work:


Here is Chairman John's message of thanks:

Hello All,

Thanks very much to everyone who helped us get off to such a cracking start this morning.  We were a bit depleted on numbers which makes the morning's achievement that much more impressive.  And with ideal conditions both under-foot and in the sky, one can only feel sorry for absent friends who missed out.  The only down side for me is the amount of mending that now needs doing before next Sunday, but it's wear and tear that's fair!

We are now in the unusual position of having only one week between working parties; a less than ideal situation brought about by exceptional circumstances.  It means that we next meet on Sunday 18th October, at 10:00am at Warren Road to carry on where we left off today.  Hope you can make it.

Kind regards and thank you again