First day back

Well, it was time to get back to the hard graft on the Common, working off the excesses of the Christmas period and making ourselves ache so much we knew it must be doing us good, as well of course as doing the Common itself a tremendous amount of good. The weather forecast was encouraging, and in fact it was 100% accurate, with the rain arriving bang on midday, more or less as we were finishing.

It's fair to say it was a quiet start, but numbers soon built up and eventually we had 13 volunteers slaving away on site. 


Not only did we have our volunteers, but we also recruited two "voleunteers"; otherwise known as bank voles. Sadly, I didn't have the sense to photograph either of them, so you'll just have to take my word for it. We also found a small-ish frog, but I can't think of a dreadful pun about that.

The purpose of the working party was to finish the work started last October of cutting the section known as Area A; the section at the Warren Road end of the boardwalk closest to Pit Street. This we achieved, finishing with exquisite timing at the end of the scheduled time. On the way, we created another huge pile of cut vegetation


but it will rot down remarkably quickly. We're not due back on that section for two years, so it's sure to be gone by then.

Chairman John had been busy over December making up more new dragsheets to the excellent new design, and by the end of the session all four sheets were in use. All hands were needed at the end to steer the final heavily loaded sheet.


Here is Chairman John's message of thanks:

Hello All
I said we'd get away with it, (the weather that is) and we did.  I confess to a moment's apprehension at 10 o'clock when there were four of us on site, but true to form you all magiced from somewhere to ultimate wondrous effect.  I apologise for running over but that final ten minutes made all the difference and a job really well done.  It wasn't easy to get up this morning so thank you very much for your determination and commitment. The next session is Sunday 17th in the Central Area. Best wishes and kind regards from John