Even as the Common is gearing up for its annual extravaganza of wild flower colour, we are witnessing a subtle and more modest display; an explosion of green. Green in every shade and hue, all freshly minted and shining, from the trees and shrubs, to the unfurling ferns and not least the meadow grasses.

 Cornel Howells 220518 (1).JPG

This display is accompanied by another high point in nature’s calendar, now that all our Summer visitors have arrived, the climax of the bird song. Of these, the ecstatic song of the blackcap and the mellow cadence of the blackbird are particular favourites for me. The shrieking of the swifts as they accomplish their acrobatics overhead and the May call of the cuckoo are also particularly reassuring, but alas both are not so often heard now!

 Cornel Howells 220518 (2).JPG

Nature’s green cocktail and the chorus of birdsong will gradually fade. But for now, as they say, “enjoy”!

Cornel Howells 220518 (3).JPG