And that about wraps it up for now

A beautiful morning, another excellent turnout of 17 volunteers, not too much to do on dry ground with nice light, dry vegetation to shift. You couldn't get a better recipe for a brilliant way to complete our season's cutting programme, and the result was as it should be. Apart from some small-scale jobs to do, all the heavy work is now done. The one fly in the ointment was the need to remove the remainder of the scrub that had been cut down at the previous session; the took a few of us deep into swampy territory; deep enough to come over the top of Leo's welly. (He has two, but only one went in that deep; it came out of the gloop with a very satisfying "slurp".) I, surprisingly, kept my feet, but Chairman John delighted all of us by sitting down very quickly in a good wet patch when the root he was pulling actually came up. Loud cheers, but no photo has he was up with all the alacrity of an England front-row forward.

Here are the volunteers hard at work

Many hands make light work

And here they are even harder at tea

Last tea break of the season

Here is the area before it was cut


And this is what it looked like once we finished


This is what Chairman John had to say:

Hello All
Today was a fitting climax to the season's work and I hope you felt a justified sense of satisfaction with how the whole area looked after we had finished today.  The view we created is only on show for one year in four so how wonderful to have it on such a beautiful morning.  The team has worked with impressive efficiency and even finished the cutting programme with two working parties in hand, so now I have the enjoyable problem of deciding what extra we can do. Thank you one and all for getting us to this unprecedented situation. The next working party is Sunday 13th March and I will let you know where to, meet and what we shall be doing.  Thanks again and best wishes from John