A Walk in the Sun, by volunteer Cornel Howells

I accompanied members of the North Walsham Conservation Group on a nature ramble around our Commons today. The Common which remains damp despite the drought is a haven of lush vegetation contrasting with the near desert conditions in some surrounding fields.  Fox’s Beck’s leafy shade remains as enticing as ever on a warm day.

 Southrepps Common.JPG

Plants were flowering in profusion on the Common as these two scenes show. The tiny pink flowers of Bog Pimpernel were peeping through the grasses, a plant new to me at Southrepps.

 Southrepps Common Bog Pimpernel.JPG

Southrepps Common Orchid.JPG

Speaking of grasses,  so often overlooked, but they are flowering plants too as the photo of the intriguingly named Yorkshire Fog taken on the Common shows. However did it get that name?

 Yorkshire Fog.JPG

Our visitors departed impressed with the great floral show the Common is putting on.