A new sport is born

We are often lucky with the weather on our working parties, and never more so than for the first one of 2018. We seem to have had alternate good and bad days lately, but this was definitely on the good side of the coin. Cold, yes; cold enough to bring out a fine selection of hats. But it was also upliftingly bright, and with a bit of physical effort we soon forgot to feel cold. The sunlit reeds were crying out to be photographed (and these were not being cut!)

070118 sunny reeds.jpg

Another immense turnout of 25 volunteers set to work with a will; here is a small sample

070118 work proceeding.JPG

Our youngest volunteer is also very probably the most enthusiastic, and soon earned the nickname ‘foreman’. Here he is ensuring a drag sheet is handled well…

New foreman.JPG

… and here the winch team is getting some help (which is just as well as there seems to be some doubt about what to do with the long bit of string).

070118 winch team.JPG

So well did those 25 volunteers work we actually broke for coffee early. Choc chip cookies were the highlight, for your correspondent at least. A call was made, and enthusiastically seconded, for future sessions to break for port, as is allegedly done in some shooting parties. However, the likelihood of this being implemented seems vanishingly remote, so we will most probably continue to be fuelled by less intoxicating infusions.

070118 break.jpg

By this point, the wide open view illustrating our past and present efforts looked like this.

070118 wide open space.jpg

Excitingly, such is the playful nature of our splendid corps, a new sport was born. We will call it Reed Diving, and we can confidently expect it to feature in the next Olympics, whenever and wherever they might be held. Here is Andrew, the sport’s inventor, performing the inaugural dive…

070118 reed diving (1).jpg

… and here is his second effort, the technique having already been refined.

070118 reed diving (2).jpg

Here is Chairman John’s usual message of thanks:

Hello All

Your heart should swell with pride to look at today's remarkable result.   Our little village (and surroundings) fielded twenty-five volunteers spanning a fifty year age range.  You have brought this season's cutting programme to within a whisker of completion so I can confidently say that we will finish it next session even if we have to resort to nail scissors to do it.  In the history of Southrepps Commons Trust nothing like this has been achieved before, and it's thanks to every one of you.

Next session is Sunday 21st. when the routine will be a bit different.  I want to take advantage of the good progress made so once we've polished off what's left of the usual work we can then put the icing on the cake; knock back scrub, boardwalk edges, sweeping and repairs, etc.  There should be a job to suit everyone.

Thanks again on behalf of every resident and visitor,

Regards, John