A Grizzly lesson

Hello All

In the absence of Duncan we won't have a blog about yesterday's splendid effort which is a shame because such an exceptional morning deserves a glowing write-up.  It was all going so well that the temptation to keep going was almost too hard.  As always you elicited glowing praise from Kirsty who knows a well-managed reserve when she sees one.  I am pleased that Kevin successfully got to grips with Grizzly although he was disappointed that the finish didn't quite compare with Wimbledon; I trust Linda has helped him get over it! 

191117 Grizzly lesson.JPG

You all did so well, but please share with me the morning's greatest pleasure which was to welcome Paul back in full harness for a whole session, looking quite like his old self again.  Bravo and well done everybody.

191117 Tipping out.JPG

Next session is on 3rd December when we  will carry on where we left off, followed by a well-earned Christmas break.



191117 Heave ho.JPG