Awards and Co-operation

The Trust’s activities require us to co-operate with a surprising number of bodies, both statutory and non-statutory. For example, the 26 high voltage transmission poles on our land require regular liasion with EDF over maintenance. But one of our most rewarding alliances is with British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV); it is probably fair to say that in the 2010-11 cutting season, members of the North Norfolk Workout Project, led by BTCV, were the critical factor which enabled us to finish that season's work. At the time of writing, all the signs are that a similar situation will prevail in 2011-2012. And finally, with education being a prime Trust objective, we are delighted to be helping Antingham & Southrepps Primary School embrace the opportunities afforded by having tThe Commons literally on the doorstep.

Southrepps Commons Trust maintains close links with the local authorities, being Norfolk County Council, North Norfolk District Council and Southrepps Parish Council, each of which is important to us in different ways.

Queen's Award for Voluntary Service

In 2011 Southrepps Commons Trust received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award given to volunteer groups across the UK for outstanding work done in their local communities. You will see The Award’s purple crown insignia proudly displayed alongside our own badge wherever it appears.

You can't apply for the Queen's Award and SCT did not seek it. We were nominated and after a lengthy assessment the final decision was made in London endorsed by Her Majesty. Unlike many awards, this one truly belongs to each and every volunteer in recognition of consistent hard work and commitment over a long period. We like to think of it as recognition that we have gone the extra mile; we've pursued an education objective which parallels the conservation one, and we've shown that, given good organisation and will, the management of a large public amenity can be sustained by voluntary effort alone.